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It’s no secret that I love Pro Compression. I profess my love for them on a regular basis, pull them on immediately after a long run, rock the hot pink ones secretly under my work pants, and pack them for every single trip that requires air travel.


You might say I don’t need all of these colors, but TRUST ME – they all see their fair share of action.

Pro Compression Socks

My only issue with compression socks is I’m ALWAYS hot. Since it’s hot as hell ten months out of the year in this glorious state, socks aren’t always something I want to wear. I’d much rather wear sleeves than socks. Unfortunately, Pro Compression didn’t offer sleeves.

Until now.

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

Pro Compression graciously sent me a pair of their new compression sleeves to try out a few weeks ago. My feet were so happy to be FREE!


I really loved these sleeves. My only concern was that they were a tinyyy bit too long for my calves, but I think sizing down to an XS would solve that problem. I’m 5’0” and buying anything for my shorty legs is pretty much a nightmare! The sleeves were just as tight as the socks and really comfortable! I was worried they might be too tight on the bottom (as my CEP ones are) but didn’t have any issues. I’ve slept in them several times now and they haven’t bothered me at all!

The Verdict :: Would I purchase these with my own money? Absolutely. I already bought a pair for my boyfriend – and he loves them too!

For a limited time, Pro Compression is offering 40% off all of their Marathon Socks, plus free shipping! Use the promo code SOM912 at checkout.

Do you love compression too? What’s your compression brand of choice?

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  1. i LOVE my compression socks too! i wore them on a run the other day and they felt great (i havent used them for running, just recovery… until now!). im not sure i want to wear them for my marathon (i dont know if ill like them for that long of a distance) but they sure look stylish haha. i only have the pink and yellow but i really want the green and purple. my husband thinks im ridiculous 🙂 which is probably true. glad you like the sleeves, i still just own one pair of zensah sleeves in black. boring. (you should check them out for other colors, i love them as well!)

    • I’m looking forward to the cooler months so I can try them out while I run as well – usually just for recovery.

      I get a massive eyeroll from my bf when he sees another Pro Compression package in the mailbox haha. I bought him a pair of socks and sleeves, so now he understands why I love them so much. HOWEVER, he doesn’t understand why I need all of the colors 😉

  2. I’ve never really tried compression stuff but now you’ve got me very intrigued!! Spalove!

  3. Oooo — too long you say? That is a problem I NEVER have – so I will have to try these out!! They might be juuuust right for me! I really like my Zensahs – but they are just a little too short for my gams.

  4. I just ordered a pair of red ones! My favorite color!

  5. Love ProCompression!! I’m 5’2 and I always have a problem with clothes/compression socks being too long, but I usually fold them over and I’m good to go 🙂 So excited about the sleeves now!

  6. I love my compression socks, such a great investment. The sleeves are a really good idea!

  7. I’ve never tried compression sleeves but they are intriguing for sure!

  8. I have 2 pairs of Zensah’s I love but they are a little short on my 5’9″ body. I never wear them running, just afterwards. I’m waiting for it to be cool enough that I can wear them on runs too. I want to be one of the cool kids!

  9. i’m a huge procompression fan too! i have pink & purple!

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